Aqua Lung Dimension I3 Back Inflation BCD


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The Dimension i3 is a comfortable, stable, and durable back-inflated BC, making it a great choice for any diver.

The Dimension i3 is a feature-rich, back inflation style BC that incorporates Aqua Lung's patented i3 inflation/deflation system. Its amazing comfort and stability come from the integrated Wrapture Harness System. The Dimension i3 is made from durable, fade-resistant materials and comes in a black/charcoal color combination. Integrated weights are held securely in place with SureLock II mechanical weight system.

Wrapture Harness System (pat. pend.)
i3 Control System
SureLock II Mechanical Weight Release System
HP and MP hose routings through the back keep your entire kit low profile thus minimizing drag
The pull down oral inflator is easy to deploy, use and stow.
Flat e-valves are very streamlined and effective. They are also "one-way" which keeps water out
A bladder retraction system is used to pull in the sides of the bladder during deflation. This keeps unit streamlined and reduces drag.
An adjustable chest strap can be raised or lowered on a rail system.
A clever octo-pocket on the right lobe keeps the octopus accessible and out of the sand.
Pocket within a pocket – A small security pocket is found on the flap of a larger drop-down pocket
Knife attachment points are found on the left lobe which will accommodate many of the Aqua Lung knives.
Features 4 angled, stainless steel D-rings and 1 plastic D-ring for all of your accessories
Right shoulder pull dump provides an additional dumping option.
Rolled neck collar for comfort
Non-ditchable weight pockets on the back of the BC help the diver achieve proper attitude in the water

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