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The Aqua Lung 70th Anniversary Legend regulator is feature-rich for the most discriminatory divers. These marvels of engineering have unsurpassed performance when it comes to ease of breathing, smoothness and a natural breath feeling.

The 70th Anniversary Legend is a piece of Aqua Lung diving history, a limited-edition regulator celebrating La Spirotechnique to Aqua Lung, 70 years of passion. Each 1st stage is laser engraved with the edition number. Every regulator comes packaged in a commemorative box and includes a laser engraved USB stick and a 96 page book highlighting the past 70 years of Aqua Lung evolution.

Auto-Closure Device (ACD) keeps water out of the first stage inlet by automatically closing as the Legend is removed from the cylinder valve
This prevents internal lubrication from washing away
The contained environment created by the ACD provides additional safetywhen elevated levels of oxygen are used
Unique over-balanced, diaphragm design results in superior performance at depth
2 HP ports and 4 MP ports are angled for optimum hose routing
An environmental dry system keeps water out of the main spring chamber thus preventing ice buildup in cold water and keeping silt and contamination out
Compatible with up to EAN 40 right out of the box
Pneumatically-balanced second stage results in smooth and easy breathing
The Comfo-bite mouthpiece virtually eliminates jaw-fatigue
A heat exchanger (patented) which surrounds the valve mechanism, dissipates the cold caused by gas expansion while drawing in the warmth of the ambient water
The ergonomic exhaust tee channels the exhaust bubbles out of your field of vision The design also contributes to a reduction in exhalation effort
Attached to a 29"braided Aqua Flex hose. These hoses are lightweight and extremely pliable which eliminates any tugging on the mouthpiece

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